Saturday, December 29, 2012

At The Creek

At The Creek 

Lean against me at the edge
of the creek as winter begins to
deliver the first ice crystal

Lean against me as my breath
begins to pop as you point out
a tangent of spiraled sunbeam
beginning to fall

Lean against me at the edge of
the creek as I knead your soft
skin under your parka and dream
of telling our someday brood
How their parents stood in flame
Under a cold winter star-strew
And knew all that would come to be 


  1. Replies
    1. Can never sleep with just one aspect expressed :). Thanks for stopping -now I must sleeeeep:)

  2. I also like this one much better. Far more palatable, I'm afraid. I apologize for my thin skin, knowing full well that all subjects are ready food for the pen and would be first in line to argue for that freedom. Am glad you chose to express both aspects,


  3. Dreamy and so lovely. The first was so painful, I was at a loss for words -- but this one is the complete opposite... full of hope and promise.

  4. Pearl,
    I know there are folks that can do just about anything outside.
    I'm not a princess by any means...but I prefer a warm shaded beach if I'm going to 'play' in the weather. ;)

    My story verse is here if you are interested:

  5. Oh, this is the yang to your previous yin, you are a master at work.

  6. Thank you for relieving the tension in my shoulders after reading your first piece. This is quite lovely, and loving.

  7. huh...this is much more palatable. I admire your flexibility in being able to deliver three separate poems for the same set of words!

  8. I love this one, Pearl, especially the ending lines.