Wednesday, December 12, 2012

12-12-12 - double chai*- a 30th anniversary poem -


You are my double chai guy
My second chance at
A first life
Of sparkle
Of love and light
Wisdom and an inexplicable
Undeniable, unbreakable
Kindred bond
Born somewhere
Beyond understanding
Leading me
To Believe
With a fervent heart
And a clear head
that there
Is something in this
Grand Universe
That is Benevolent
And unimaginably
To Believe
In You
And in Us

In the arms of

*chai is symbolized by the number 18 and translates loosely to mean "life"
today 12-12-12 adds up to 36 equally double chai....and my 30th wedding anniversary, each year of which has flown by with a smile 

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  1. Wonderful! Belated congrats on your double chai day! Happy anniversary -- and many more! ;-)