Monday, December 31, 2012

Happy New Year

In that first New Year
I held the baby close
heart to heart
the dream surreal arrived

The years melted
on tiptoes
kisses on a warm damp
sleeping curls tangled
soft as a dream
In the dark, I  whispered
Happy New Year

Sometimes in those navied nights
small arms lifted with cosmic grace
to circle my neck as a blessing
and benediction
wrapping me in sweet velvet
for a moment before falling
away and back into sleep

Moments ago
in the flickering of
firelight as one year
passed another in sail
blinking sea lights
on the ever rolling water

The phone chimed in the night
and the rumbling deep voice
of a man whispered softly
as to a sleepy child
Happy New Year, Mom

And so the dream lives on
in golden glory
of memory and magic


  1. Beautiful! The moment captured and savored.

  2. another moment marked in gold ... lovely