Thursday, December 20, 2012

April PAD Challenge Results

At long last the Poet Laureate of Poetic Asides April 2012 has been announced and there are two!

Congratulations to Poet Laureates


This year instead of 50 poems there is a top 25 list…
And so, now with all proper fanfare, marching bands, castanets, drumrolls and tambourines (my personal favorite) are the top 25 poems of the April Poem A Day, Poetic Asides Challenge arranged in alphabetical order of poet. 
So many "poeming friends" have been selected. 

Congratulations to the following poets and their poems....

Let’s Drive Until Our Asses Melt Into the Car Seats, Daniel Ari
A Sparrow’s Love, Jane Beal
An Apple Tree and Two Finches, Jane Beal
Cecily, Marilyn Braendeholm
Morning Rendezvous, Lorraine Baron Caramanna
Firebird, Taylor Graham
What I Look for in a Man, Joseph Harker
Seeds, Joseph Harker
Plum Crazy, Patricia A. Hawkenson
Something Wild and Wonderful, Khara House
Freshman Biology, De Jackson
The Trick of Losing What You Did Not Have, De Jackson
O, Let’s Not, De Jackson
What You Left, Laurie Kolp
At Last, Andrew Kreider
Fading, Bruce Niedt
A Shady Kyrielle, Cristina Ortega Phillips
100% Poetry, Sara Ramsdell
Baked Alaska, Jane Shlensky
Let’s Drive North, Linda Wastila-Simoni
Castaways, Brian Slusher
The Dead Birds of America, With Life-Size Hand-Colored Illustrations, Brian Slusher
Kill Your Television, Brian Slusher
Saltfish Fritters, Maxie Steer
Floater, Pamela Taylor


  1. Very exciting! I'm proud to be included. So fun to recognize many of the names. CONGRATS to ALL! The best part is the supportive community of poets that continues to grow at PA and on FB - and those that follow Pearl here! Keep writing, everyone! :)

  2. My pleasure Patricia - It is a great deal of fun. CONGRATULATIONS TO YOU! :)