Sunday, April 28, 2013

PAD - SPEED CATCH-UP DAYS 13-22 ... 40 minute write time -

PAD 22 – A “complex” poem

The New Boy

He lived in the ‘complex’
So he said
His smile bright and eyes
She told her mother
Breathlessly of the
new boy – heart pounding
Her mother said he lied
He lived in the “projects”
Nothing complex there

PAD 21 – A “senyru”

Thought I wrote haiku
Only to find out right now
“Haiku” was senyru!

PAD 20- A “beyond” poem

Beyond the horizon

Over the rainbow
And all that
Where bluebirds
And those thing sing
And silver linings
Luminously ring
Those promises
Made in song and
Verse and whispers
In the dark
Beyond the
Slivered horizon

PAD 19 – A “burn” poem

Book Burning On A Saturday Night

They piled them
In merry heaps
Laughing in the night
And lit the flame
As words curled to ash

PAD 18 I Am (blank)

I Am – the one waiting in the wings

I am
The one
You never
Since your promise
In the sweet
Whispers of
Darkness that
You surely would
For me

PAD 17 Express Poem

On the local

She thought she stepped onto
The express
Bright smile
Arms filled with books
And bright anticipation
Of her soon to come destination
Until the first of many stops
Began to repeat

PAD 16 Possible and Impossible Poem

It is possible to understand
How a young man’s insecurity
Can be tapped toward malevolence
Toward all that surrounds him
In what is now seen as a disingenuous embrace
A dart well placed punctures the heart

It is impossible to understand
How a young man’s insecurity
And search for identity turns
Toward limbs blown in the air
And streets bloodied
As a young child dies
Amid carnage and death
In still fresh innocence

PAD 15 "Infest - poem"

The Love Bug 

Infest me with your love bug
Let it bite me from here to there
Infest me with your love bug
As I lie sprawled abed and bare

PAD 14 - "sonnet" 

On level ground

Lift my eyes to the sky
And then lower them slow
So that I look by and by
To all that in interim does go
Lift my eyes to the sky
And then lower them slow
Until my lash blink meets your eye

And on the this level ground
We shall stand tall
Facing one another found
In the universal call
Lift my eyes to the sky
And then lower them slow
Embrace me as seed in hand we sow

PAD DAY 13 – Comparison Poem

Why cannot you be
Like your little brother
Happy and smiling?