Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Marathon - Some Thoughts...

Note:  I didn't feel much like writing - putting form to feeling seemed somehow a sacrilege of what I am not certain - but I found that I more than likely will not sleep unless I get some thoughts out responding to the horrific attack on innocents yesterday in Boston, Massachusetts USA. I apologize in advance for the indulgence of sharing this raw material. I am sure that many others feel the same. 

All a marathon

From first step
To final
All the middle
The Marathon

Little One at the Marathon    
The little one
Smiled up
At hoards of
Knees stretching
Reaching on tiptoe
To see
The Marathon
But all she could
See was people
People watching
People running
Down the street
Until a boom louder
Than the thunder
That shook her heart
On dark rainy nights
And then everybody
Was running
And even grownups
Were screaming
Rudely loud
And in the bright sunshine
There people fell down
And laid on the pavement
And helping people
Were running the other
Looking for
The Marathon
She guessed she had
Missed it after all


They Run
Proverbial pounding feet
Trembling the pavement

They Run
In joy
Finally there on that sunshined street

They run
In solidarity
Communing with one objective

They run
In isolation
Focused on that finish line

They run
In vicarious admiration
Beaming from the sidelines

They run
For those already gone
And others struggling to remain

They Run
Together as on another
blue split-skied day
ripped by unnatural thunder
fogged in smoke and screams
and fragments of flesh

They Run
Toward, or away from fallen
double devices too like towers
blood pounding
in ears into the thronged
marathon survival

They Run
with pounding feet
and hearts
as one together
toward those in need
away past those bleeding
the pavement red

They run
But for
the silent still three
no more

the silent still three
reaching the end
of their unraveled
ribboned finish line

Somewhere there
melted into human
are one
or two
or more

who know



  1. Powerful, Pearl. I sorrow with you and all of those who witnessed, experienced and held true, though no sorrow of mine can be so great as to close on those who ran.

  2. Oh, Pearl. I'm so glad you decided to share these. This line caught me:
    "double devices too like towers

    It's really all unbelievable, isn't it? I cry for our world this week.

    Thank you for spilling this sad beauty, and sharing it here.


  3. You captured it extremely well but what a sad event.
    Thanks for visiting my blog.