Tuesday, April 2, 2013

PAD - Day 2. Bright and Dark - 5 for two for tuesday...

Street Light by jose alhambra

5 Bright and Dark Poems for Two for Tuesday......

In the in-between

the sun will rise tomorrow
the night will fall
life happening
there in the in-between
brightly, darkly


There was a time

when girls were
turned to visions
of bright white
collars on someday
husbands' shirts
as life fulfilled

there was a time
when girls smiled
sweetly in the dark
brightly in the dark
armed with penlights
of secreted hope

there was a time
there is a time
for some
bright eyes
shining through
slitted black
actual and metaphoric
here and there

there is time



She’s a bright child
with dark moods
encourage her to


Bright and Dark

Bright and Dark
grew side by side
in a land far away
now gone
Bright’s hair shimmered
light platinum and Dark
deep sparkling
and ebon

Bright and Dark
ran through fields
laughing hand in hand
rolling in dandelion dreams
all life unspooled emerald ribboning
in peace and love it seems

until grownup heavy boots mashed
the earth looking down on them
where they lay
dragged them up each by an arm
and banished Bright from Dark
forbid them ever more to play



two bright copper pennies
glitter in the navied night
while I wait under the street
lamp light for you to come

holding the brightness
as darkness slips it
from my grasp as the
street stays empty
and grows cold
and dull
but for two

bright copper pennies


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