Sunday, April 7, 2013

NaPoWriMo - DAY 6. A Valediction- Farewell to Dr. S.T.

Farewell to Dr. S.T. 

I just learned several days ago that my beloved training analyst, mentor and friend had passed almost to the day of my errant phone call - this valediction is for him.  

I called my touchstoned mentor
Yearning for his voice to hear
The phone rang on
Wife answered, then knowing near

Gut punched certainty a shock  
Now gone powder, my touched rock

Shocked I wept - apologized
She stopped me in my stumbling
Wondered how I’d gotten through
His disconnected number
This halted tears and mumbling

Felt his smile honey my heart
At his gift for us to part
In this physical realm here
He would say more smile than tear 

Wrapped in his strong willed embrace
To walk life's wind face to face 
Touchstone risen again tall
To receive one final call

The phone rings on, on, and on
For me with he to answer



  1. Aww Pearl - so sad for you, my heart aches friend. Glad you had this metaphysical "last call" to cheer you somewhat, but sorry he's passed...