Wednesday, September 26, 2012

September Heights - Quick-Step- Catchup - Days 19-26

Day. 27 Footprint
in the bleeding heart
faint imprint of your footprint
from that painful spring

Day. 26 Paper boat

away on water
aquamarine true blue
sailing as though real

Day 25. Sleep

differing from death
morning light awakening
puffing breath in air

Day 24. Paradox

the gentle gardener
respecting the private bloom
kills with carelessness

Day 23. Hummingbird
whirring flashed wing
spinning summer from spring
vanishing as seen

Day 22.  Birth
coalescent love
merged in mystic manifest
wombed life springing free

Day 21. Glory
pounding timpani
flushed within the reddened skin
in the summered awe

Day 20.  Lights

cameras follow
action fast approaching
film for all seasons

Day 19. Island

homeland of the heart
drift of frangipangi sense
floating paradise


  1. That's a slew of haiku:) Nicely done.

  2. haha ... love the "slew of haiku' I don't like taking on a challenge and leaving it hanging. Apologies if the rawness of these are below standard of the beautiful work here at this site. Appreciate your stopping by. :)

  3. These are good work. The birth haiku is my favorite and will stay with me a while, I thnik.

  4. Enjoyed reading them all - kind of like a retrospective. NICE!

  5. I really enjoyed you haiku. It's difficult to pick a favourite - all are very unique and therefore special. Thank you for sharing them.

  6. Great catch up. All haiku are wonderful.

  7. I have this image in my mind of a crushed and broken bleeding heart...