Thursday, September 6, 2012

September Heights - Day 7. Agile


here lemon wax floor
there thin ledged French door swinging
cat licks liquidly 


  1. Love this one ... nice haiku and the cat picture is awesome.

    1. Aw thank you Kristjaan... Had some reservations about including Oliver - who just turned two and came from the marshes - a few week old feral kitten - knocking on my door on three separate occasions determined to adopt this home as his - after a lifetime of German shepherds and the random cat here and there - mostly there- delighted to find this unusual feral a home- he was determined that he HAD found a home...and gave me no reason to reject him(from sleeping in his own room to being a companionable presence ) a perfect gentleman including morning baths and no jumping on furniture and believe it or not virtually no shedding of what grew into a rather long plush coat. He appeared during a NaNoWriMo challenge and obviously, for all my protestations to the contrary an orphan (Oliver) no more. Apologies for the lengthy Oliver bio.... Haha, my reticence in including the picture was the possibility of indulging in just such a reply to your stopping by to comment:)

  2. A cat washing itself is the epitome of agile!

  3. Hahaha. Because I have a cat, I can't agree more :-) Of course, they DO get lazy with time and still, whenever she hears a fly buzz... she turns to a tiger. LOL.
    Great match with the pic of Oliver relaxing and posing for photo on the stairs.

  4. I love your haiku and Oliver is a handsome cat.

  5. Hi Buddha .. Thanks so much for stopping by... Not a biographical "Oliver" poem - I would e more likely to leap from the floor to a door ledge than he :)

  6. Beautiful.. :) The agility of the cat.. pounce :D Till then, I guess he keeps himself good-lookin ;)