Wednesday, September 19, 2012

First Wacky Wednesday at Poets United, Oh My!

Thanks Dr. for the look at your book just for today I do say
on this day that is named for your joy-filled Wacky Wednesday 

First Poets United Wacky Wednesday

It is the first Wacky Wednesday at Poets United, Oh My!
it had already started out odd and continued by and on by
With a prompt over some place on out over somewhere else there
A prompt that requested your worst memory ever!- this I could not, would not, turned out did not have to bare or to bear

Could not bear to write of my own or to read of the pain of those whom I feel that I know
In rawest, real, undisguised pain even if couched in poetics, it  would bring me too low
So low, that from the earthy chubby wormed dirt I would look cricking neck up
Bring me so low that not from the shallowest “Who” (remember them?) cup
could I could sip or from the teeniest, tiniest broken off crumb could I sup

This was the beginning of the Wednesday Wacky
But was not the end, oh no, that not was to be
There were no shoes on walls no none did I see
But within a creeping, a crawling, tickle feeling in me
A giggle, an urge to just jump up and down
To spin, to bang tambourines, to put on a red nose like a clown
It seemed just the word “wacky” was getting to me

As I ran in sock-footed circles slipping sliding on waxed wooden floors with unbridled glee
Shouting hurrah! at the respite from politics, introspection, from that inner, Serious-Lee
Embracing the smiling jolly, joy-full, play of this first Wednesday Wacky Pearlie
I ran out the door into the gloaming sunset shouting THANKEE!


  1. Pearl, you are definitely right. It is nice to have a 'wacky' respite from stuff like (never-ending) politics and also introspection!! Wackiness feels WONDERFUL some days. (Like today)

  2. I was worried, when I started reading, but I love how you embraced your inner child and let her loose! So fun to image you spinning, jumping and full of joy, red nose and all! I love your ending! It captured magic~ :D

  3. I love your enthusiasm...very fitting tribute to our first Wonder???Wednesday! Thankee!

    Gayle ~

  4. So happy that the prompt cheered you up, kiddo. I picture you just a short skip and a hop away from the ocean....go look at it for me, will you, please?

  5. "As I ran in sock-footed circles slipping sliding on waxed wooden floors with unbridled glee"

    My fave line and you painted it right.

    As my English teacher would have said,"good diction".

  6. Love that you started out on one side of the fence and jumped over to the other. Fun!!!