Thursday, October 25, 2012

Blue Marble Chant

Simple Blue Planet by Atra Venatoris

All is connected all is one
Train hoots in early morning fog
Through meadows sheep grazing
Desert sands blow heat furnaces amazing
Sensibilities from burka to bikini
Wax poetic prophetic human
All is connected all is one
Butterfly sheds chrysalis crackling
Rhino tusk flash primitive attacking
Rhyme scheme and prose free verse and chanting
All is connected all is one
First blade of grass from seed dropped through fog
Lambs bleating
Sweat pouring
Bikinis neath burkas
Wrinkled newborn centurion
All is connected all is one
Seed floated into the earth
Shoot grows a field, sheep grazing
Train hooting in the fog
Looping as a seed floats on worn barren
Earth and begins again
All is connected all is one
Train vanishes into early morning fog
Lambs grow to grazing sheep
Sweat beads diamonded droplets
of dew
In the meadow where
sheep graze on verdant fields
sun blazing in the shifting desert
A withered hand falls cold fingers splayed
Suckling infant grabs the breast with wrinkled fingers
And opens new eyes wide on
The blue marble
All is connected all is one
As the train whistles
somewhere in the fog

A"chant"  Written for Poetic Asides WD/Pearl Ketover Prilik

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