Saturday, October 20, 2012

Osgood Crosby

Osgood Crosby

Hi Harry
I know there hasn't
been much happening 
lately but listen up
I'd like to recommend 
that you make it your
business to save Wednesday
of next week

Well of course I know 
you're still trying
to get the front wall up
from the latest hit we took

But that's just the point
Osgood Crosby.. What? 
mean "Who's Osgood Crosby?"

Osgood - you remember 
the cabinet maker with 
those soft eyes and hands
Yes the guy with the long
hair and sandals

Yes, that one
He IS good with a crowd
Anyhows he agreed to come

It's not important 
how he agreed - 
The thing is he agreed to 
appear at the cafe

Yep, he's going to give 
a little talk on how to 
sturdy shelter when the wolf
comes howling through town

Yes, by all means bring Fern
she always does a good job
passing peanuts and acting the guide

So, we can score the interest on each 
possible scammable face  
See you then, 
Good Buddy

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