Saturday, October 27, 2012

Spun Sugar

A tiny girl twirls in a pink tutu 
Spinning like cotton candy into a woman
A little boy spins in laughing circles 
Faster and faster until out of the blur emerges a man
Small children wish for simple pleasures to come their way
Women and men leap the damaged portions of
The Way 

From the horizon of the Universe
A single clear voice calls


Of  the power 
in a single thread of DNA 
released within
the coalesced transcendent possibility
Of a collective commitment to the We of The Way

For each sugar spun child melting into men and women


  1. You wrote a note in my blog about not being able to access Poetry Pantry. I am sure you can access it now. And thank you for the indication that you will order my book. Have a good Sunday.

  2. Transcendent possibility, very nicely put. Thanks for sharing

  3. Transcendent possibility very nicely put, thanks for sharing

  4. Wow, Pearl, this is a fantastic poem - and wish - I especially love the "transcendent possibility of a collective commitment to the We of The Way". Right on!

  5. I love watching children twirling into a blur as they play. That's what my grandchildren, too. It's special. :)

  6. Very nice take on what you were given to play with.

  7. Pearl, to me this reads like a beautifully spiritual poem. I love the thought of sugar-spun fairy girls and laughing sticks and snails boys growing into men and women. A treat to read. (thanks for accepting my FB friendship) :)