Monday, October 29, 2012

Hurricane Haiku

Ensconced in embrace 
Of Frette linens crisped white
Hurricane waiting

Grayed skies soak power
Draining all magnetism
All natural force

Playing cards slapping
Snippets of songs, sighs, curses
Father-son Sandied 

Static sentinels
Stutter staccato signals 
Beyond the patter

Manhattan island
In the roiling spilling sea
Torch woman watches 


  1. Pearl, Agree with Linda H. about the last one!
    What a turmoil of weather you have had!
    Now the winds and rains are coming to the west--other states & Ontario.
    Stay safe where you are!

  2. Oh yeah! Wondering if a collection of Hurricane Haiku should be published...? Plenty of folks can probably identify with these right now. ;-)

  3. In the face of the storm - make haiku. It's what poets do. :)