Monday, October 22, 2012

Moments before mayhem

Moments before mayhem 

It was a time of happening 
He was bright eyed in the cafe
Hands moving hotly over hers
They needed no Cabinet to guide them

It was a time of happening 
She would walk quickly in her sturdy shoes
On her tender slim ankles and he would
Be there to shelter her as the peanuts 
Exploded from under the fern where 
He had placed them yesterday
And her face would shine in radiance 
Of a score settled as the elephant so
Long ignored raised its trunk to blare
At the slivers of sparkled glass 
Falling like ice chipped fire rain 

It was a time of happening 
And her tender face luminous with purpose 
Passion and possibility 
Agreed to walk the irrevocable 
Path he fervently did recommend
As diners sat innocent laughing
About them and she fingered the
Plastics she would perfectly place

It was time for happening 
She nodded 
He smiled
Their eyes burning bright
In those mystic unveiled  
Moments before mayhem 

1 comment:

  1. hummmm....a time we rarely reconize, ...time before mayhem.