Saturday, October 20, 2012

Too long in the wild

Too long in the wild

There in the bushes 
careful, careful see the face
on the right cheek there's a tiny
score that's where the knife
yes, he used a knife to guide
them to "do their job the right way"

I hear them kids lived on peanuts
Don't even know how a grown person
could handle that kind of treatment
But those Harrisons were always 
a sturdy lot

Sssh, quiet that there is the little girl
she takes shelter in the cafe sometimes
sneaks in somehow after closing
I don't know how I just
know that one morning I
opened a cabinet 
and she was curled up in there
for all the world like a wild 

I would recommend if she comes
toward us that we just slowly
back away
She's been in the wild too long
To be trusted 

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