Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Vice and Verse

I object to your welcome
Of hope into my despair
As I poised at the precipice 
Prepare to fall  into the delicious 
Embrace of self neglect 


  1. Interesting concept here, Pearl. Sounds like the narrator of this poem preferred staying in a negative place. I do think there are people like that. Thanks for participating in Vice Versa.

  2. This could be retitled "Don't Rain on My Pity Party" :). Thanks for stopping by :)

  3. been there...I am going to be miserable and dont you dar try and cheer me up. A lot of that around me right now too.

  4. OOooohhh... the delicious embrace of self-neglect... sadly, I can relate, but have come a long way toward keeping it a practice I can barely remember, let alone participate in. Thanks for a welcome reminder...