Thursday, August 16, 2012


  1. PKP says:

    The Merry-Go-Round *
    Why is it people always sit down
    At the rush of oncoming bad news
    She thought as she folded onto the
    The top step and clicked accept
    And slumped against the wall
    But, it was not!
    What they thought
    It was
    She exhaled
    And her mother
    And she laughed
    Like crazy people
    Flooded with relief
    That dripped between
    Her breasts and down
    Her back
    Later on the way to visit him
    She stopped at a café
    For espresso in a tiny heavy cup
    And cheesecake
    Savored each morsel and sip
    In the bright sunshine
    Watched two lovers kiss
    That night finally she
    Slept, deep and dreamless
    Until the phone chirped
    Cheerily in the morning
    And she with a lingering
    Smile answered as her
    Mother sobbing
    Titled the world on its
    And she under
    The sunslanted duvet
    With no wall to slump
    Jumped straight up
    And stood
    As a childhood carousel
    Whirled around her
    The horses frozen mouths
    Open – as a calliope cackled

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