Saturday, August 11, 2012

8 Poems Inspired by Poetic Asides Wednesday Prompt – using the words: change, wrap, bottle, bargain, bear

Fifty Shades of Heard It All Before

They gasp in what they see as societal change
The lovely young thing acquiescing to a wrap
To a bottle placed where drinking cannot be
A bargain of three hundred plus pages
Of promised titillation, beyond what one can bear
Except for those who have swallowed all from
Anna Karenina, through Lolita, Fanny Hill, Tropics Cancer
and Capricorn, on and on and on to
The Story of
O – So Already Been There, Read That,
Written In More Vivid Detail,
So Very Long Ago.



We could not bear
Those nights
Us two smallest ones
in footed pajamas
The change that came
Pouring over them
When the bottle was torn
From its wrap
And we began to bargain
With a God we were
Not longer sure listened 


Alone in the night….

Change the diaper
Wrap the swaddle cloth
Around the milky bottle
That papa won in a bargain
Unable to bear his inability to feed
His now cuddled infant
Satiated in the night
Just the two of them


The Bargain

There in the city of Change lying in a silken open wrap
on the soft scented meadow, empty bottle of finest
champagne – tousled hair spread, limbs flung asunder
she watched the clouds drift in the rising sun fingered
dawn and contemplated whether she could bear her

haiku x 2 

in the seasons change
Summer drops her filmy wrap
as a bottle note

drifting on the sea
bobbing a tided bargain
“long fall? short winter?”


Night Nurse

She comes on squeaky shoes
To change the dressing
With cool competent fingers
Finds the end of the wrap
Fiddles with the bottle drip
With this and a soft smile
Makes all easier to bear


The Short Lived Tale of Link*

The short lived tale of Link
Ended with the audacious fellow
Sailing his windtorn sailing ship
Into a small puddle
Where he stood upon the deck
Empty port bottle in hand attempting
To bear or bargain the torturous turn
His life had taken where brisk winds and
Smooth waters had instead viciously wrung
His last drop of capacity for change as he
Shook his tiny fist at an unforgiving sky
And called his suddenly puny life a wrap
As the gargantuan foot of a whistling Shop-
Keeper crushed him and his craft
Leaving but a tiny remnant of his iron rail
Wedged in the cleat of a clinking sole
Tapping out an immutable tragedy in
A world too large to care.

My Friend Change

Higgeley Piggeley my friend called Change
Had honey bees buzz his head which all found strange
Higgeley Piggeley my friend called Change
Held a bottle of honey always in chest close range
Higgeley Piggeley my friend called Change
Never had to bargain with a bear, like others, charging them with mange
Higgeley Piggeley, my friend called Change
Simply trotted home leaving honey and bees in safe passaged exchange

*Link appeared in a different form inspired by last Sunday's Wordle words....

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