Friday, October 1, 2010

It takes an adult to make different mean

There was an old song that
did state
that children needed to
be taught carefully to hate
True this may have been and
true still to be
Children must too be taught
to see differences not so different
to them apparently

A child quite close to my own heart
Categorized people not separate but different apart
He noticed differences only bilaterally
in brown and white, this distinction clear in his sight
everyone with eyes of brown was brown
and everyone with eyes of blue was white
But you may say that is not quite right
No not quite right as most categorize
But clearly what he saw with three-year-old eyes
Brown and White only the two
I do not know what he would have done with eyes
of green, violent or gray as dun
The point is that innocence locates differences seen
But it takes an adult to make different mean

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