Saturday, October 23, 2010

Submarine Races

Cars were still forbidden
But these were senior boys
Dark haired white smiled
Tall boys
The ride they offered
Arms leaning
Forearm muscled on
Open windows
Just down the road
To the parking field
By the ocean
A quick ride
You had ridden endless
Times by bike
You and Aileen
Climbed into the car
One in front one in
Back as the car screeched
Its way out of the neighborhood
Into the black summer night
Windows open radio
Blasting they told you
About the Submarine races
You would see as they swerved
Onto the gravel
Moonlight glittering on
The ocean
As you got out to look
For the submarines
The boys waited
Teeth flashing in
The dashboard lights
Laughing deep man laughs
And Aileen inexplicably cried in
The back seat
As you stood at the edge
Of the concrete balustrade
In the bright moonlight
Squinting for a sign of the races
In the dark horizonless
empty sea....

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