Friday, October 15, 2010

Carousel (in 4 turns and a coda)

Carousel 1st turn

Round and round goes
the merry-go-round as
we called it before
came to be sophisticated enough
to know that it was more
There curls bouncing on back
Riding on steed white or black
Calliope rung clear in crisp Autumn air
Best all by far as whirling up high and far
A long musical circle safely ensconced in green wood
Mullioned windows above shining light scented good
Out from the blur of faces awaiting off to the side
My raven haired daddy waiting smiling my time to abide
And when all slowed and children, laughing belted, jiggling held still
My raven haired daddy timed everything right
and dashingly like the hero he was filled with might
leapt aboard that still moving platform still turning around
gathered me into his arms and jumped with me to the ground

Carousel 2nd turn

surprised I am he to me
on the carousel
second ride again to be

Carousel 3rd turn

I do not want to be your second ride
Though you say so with wondered pride
Raised me to ride solo through
And now I have to think of you
I do not want to be your second ride
not from malice, not from pride
but because a first ride is expected
bumps, falls, and errors not de-selected
my ride uknown I can handle for me
with you aboard will ride too carefully
I do not wish to be your second ride
Forgive me I do not wish you at my side
I wish only to close my eyes let the music slide
and whirl about in my own first ride

Carousel 4 final ride

I bought you this porcelain carousel
found it and knew that you would like it well
Also a music box and here, listen it, plays the theme from
I can see you, my raven haired heroic "daddy"
young and strong in arms that swept me
from that crystal calliope ringing clear
That merry-go-round dangerously turning as we jump-land without fear
I see you, feel your arms around me
As the music whirls you away to leave me peacefully

Carousel 5 - Coda

All aboard
the carousel
bound in gravity
tinted whirl
colors cascade
blur bleed one
manic rainbow shimmered
then shuttered sun
on the turning wheel
moving music clear
in clanging cacaphonic peal

Step on anywhere
the ride begins
right there
turning at a
measured pace
again and again as
flash familiar
strangers' face
whirling core
in screams and
laughter, silence
and a scattered sigh
turning, turning
in the mullioned
light melting
one by one to fall
slipping in the
centered all
slide seamlessly
seated blinking
with startled face
into the ride
filled time of
prosaic grace

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