Sunday, November 1, 2015

Day 1. NOVEMBER PAD - The Day After

The Day After

I take my black dress
from the bedroom door
where some helpful one
has hung it neatly – I rip
it from it’s hanger so hard
that the cat jumps -as I roll
this dreaded reminder into a
ball and throw it with my shoes
with the underwear neatly folded
on the chair with my hairbrush used
to fix my hair yesterday – though it all
blew in the fierce wind of your Halloween
burial not nearly as cold as this empty morning


  1. Whew, this poem blows in with the chill of a November breeze and leaves the reader standing there contemplating the burial and wondering who and why.

  2. Awww Mary - how lovely of you to find me and to leave such a lovely comment. I am doing this November Poetic Asides Chapbook challenge I do every year and also "doing" NaNoWri Mo ... I've finished three of those but with not a finished product that I thought was much of anything... not sure I am going to continue. Nevertheless, will try to get over with something to Poets United later. Thank you again for stopping by! So very sweet