Sunday, November 15, 2015

Je Suis Paris

Je Suis Paris

I have never been to Paris
never felt cobbled streets
beneath my feet – never 
seen the Eiffel tower bright
or flowers tumbling from
wooden boxes in pasteled
painted buildings – I have 
never stood in a crowd 
held in the lilting lyricism of 
French or had a croissant
melt buttered between my
lips but the light – the light
of Paris burns, shines and 
glows within me – I too am 
Paris now and always one 
in solidarity and sensibility -
steadfast siblings forever ...


  1. Paris is one of if not the best capital cities in the world. No terrorism will ever change that.

  2. Yes, this resonates, Pearl. I have never been to Paris either, but I think we all hold it in our hearts as the city of light, the city of love..............blazing now against the darkness like never before.

  3. A strong statement against the violence going on everywhere Pearl. Solidarity united in peace somehow, I hope.

  4. I suppose no matter where we live there is a connection between people..a hope for something better, peaceful and humane..i sense that in this wonderful poem which is so carefully and respectfully written

  5. That is an amazing thing, how compassion cements relationships between strangers. Let compassion spread around the world.

  6. To be in one with the world is a great feeling. I've never been to Paris too but my thoughts are with them and to all other countries and victims of terrorism