Saturday, November 7, 2015

Day 6. November PAD - We're being watched

We’re being watched

being watched
from toppled tower top
to crematorium ash
from toddler in the tide
to butterfly wings lifting
less - we’re being watched
as ice caps cap-polar bears roar
in melted muddied-bloodied
water- tsunamis racing over
sunbathers, bombs blasting 
chests of children waiting
for virginal reward in a here-
after seen more clearly than
any present possibility- we’re
being watched as too many
gobble goods in focused greed
clutching frantic as any un-
schooled toddler in a toy shop –
more as they slide side by side
impoverished - we’re being
watched - as even one hand 
stretches for another to grasp -
to lift –to support -to comfort
this world –spun out of sense and
sanity slipping -we’re being watched
as planes burst in the sky and flesh falls
in fields as scraps for survivors to
scrape home - we’re being watched –
as we turn away
we are being
by sight-

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