Monday, November 2, 2015

Day 2 - NOVEMBER PAD - Surrender

on yawping and yearning
I surrender this yawping yearning to
sit in this gaping gawping abyss-me
I set down the shovel and surrender
the need to dump sweet dirt into the
open grave of my soul opened in fear
I confront the chill that rises within to
Ice my fingertips growling from my gut
shiver-shaking – in senseless direction-
less frantic wanting – I am through with
waiting and wandering – wondering and
pondering the hole with which I arrived
and cease mistaking a microscopic chaos-
chasm for an agony to be filled with things
and people and accomplishment and sweet
satiation and come to see the sacred slit of
a Some-time Universe sparkling in a future day
when I shall fall into and through this emptiness-
this exit of my soul – until that day I will try with
each fibre of my being to hold this place safe and
open and turn my head from the striving to fill a place
meant to remain a space free and open and in-awaiting
for that final day when I will fall back into the me-my-self
fall back with loose limbed lovely lassitude – fall back into
eternal softness- finally ready to soar – finally soaring – to
the Source of the I Am that I am only in final and fearless

1 comment:

  1. note: had a sudden rush of thought that perhaps anxiety and a sense of emptiness is perhaps the gateway and exit for the soul – a space within that is theoretically invisible and unfelt but that most do on occasion have a glimpse and shrink from in fear at the unimaginable magnitude of what cannot be understood in the here and now of this thing we call life – had an image of falling through and into this perceived emptiness into a full cacophonic onrush of blazing color of an ALL that we cannot possibly know in this present state. Hmmm who knew that anxiety could feel sooo good. :)