Thursday, October 29, 2015

I Should

I Should
I should be planting trees in the desert
filing the bellies of bloated babies
starving myself just to truly understand
I should be finding that way that each
side in every conflict could see that
at the end -no one ever wins but all
eventually simply devolves to an end
I should be saving every specie that walks
this grand earth so that children who are
not even gleams in the eye of their parents
will know such as the grandeur of a lifted
trunk trumpeting – a group of matriarchal
pachyderms softening the stumble of a
soonest newest born – the monarchs lifting
in forever green field – the icecaps hard and
glittering – I should be working so that the air
is clean the water pure – everywhere and so
somehow in some mystic magic scientific
solution our spinning blue marble will heal
the raw scores of damage wrought and right
herself on a safe non stormy course – I should
be securing the birth-right of all children born
to live disease of mind and discrimination and fear
free and if I am not flying off from port that calls me
to port that calls me again – to work until my back is
bent, my fingers raw, and my eyes gleaming with hope,
to mitigate to soothe to smooth the jagged edges of
pain and suffering – If I am not flying off to do each
and all and more or even some –
and I am not –
then at the very least
I should write
I should write it all in words that sting and sing and
fly off the page and into the eyes of those who will
not see and have them do something….
I should
I should
but that I could

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