Saturday, November 23, 2013

Sister Mary-Anne's in love

flower-heart-1383009391TcD.jpg -flower heart by Piotr Siedleck

Sister Mary-Anne's in love 

In the gathering of synapses-suffering 
the giggle escapes and drifts from the 
youngest novice nun - floats into the gap in regard 
for the serious breach of virtue sung by 
Sister Mary-Anne  
Flushed and penitent she rhapsodizes, as they sit still in their ironed habits
under the falling chestnut blossoms listening
with compassion, leaning toward undoing - trying to lessen the
precipitant choice of young blood to close the gap 
once again in her cycle of devotion

Yet, the unbidden giggle travels - bouncing amid their suffering
 back to plain clothed Sister Anne, who smiles gratefully as she
thinks of the child that she and former Brother Francis-now plain Frank
might one soon-to-come-day–create
in marriage 
in forgiveness 
perhaps with chestnut blossoms in her flowing hair 


  1. One never knows where the wordle will take you? One of my favorite things about the wordle....

  2. I guess life doesn't always go as we plan!

  3. That last image is simply gorgeous..

  4. I'm smiling because I knew a priest many years ago, who fell in love with a divorced woman with two young children. Father Craig became plain old Craig--and a champion of his new family!

    Whirling with a Single Pancake

  5. I met an ex-nun once. It's hard to reconcile in my head but not my heart. Well done, Pearl.

  6. Wow! Now there's a story!!!! Loved it.

  7. wonderful story told...with this poem...

  8. I love how we both "got thee to a nunnery" with vastly (or maybe not so vastly) different takes on the same words. I think we've talked about Barbara Coloroso before (the educator?) -- I wondered if you knew at one time she was a Franciscan nun? Lovely poem Pearl.


    Meant to leave you a link...

  10. There surely is no shame in deciding that an alternative course should be taken in life. Either way can be just as difficult and just as rewarding and just as important.