Sunday, November 10, 2013

Barefooted miss on the fluroscope machine *

Barefooted miss on the fluroscope machine

Barefooted miss on the fluoroscope machine
watching her green splayed toe bones glisten
radiant radioactivity encouraging vanity’s gain
just as quickly as she rejects this unexpected ache
for foolish pretty patent
leather shoes’ impracticality -
Barefooted miss shaking off this unbidden craving for a single
delicate buckle with which to daintily dip her toe into the
lake of the future
Drenched instead in an instant flood of visions
standing in the thundering rain of years to come
soaked soon-to-be-six-year-old
suddenly-serious with her mission
thrumming, humming with dignity
waiting her turn
to be shod properly
ready to navigate each oncoming drill
with grace
ready to stride
with straight shoulders
into kindergarten
beginning the irrevocable roll of her ribboned future
without a fluoroscope to guide her fit

* notation:  fluroscope machines were used to x-ray the foot to properly fit shoes 


  1. A flouroscope? For Feet? Who wouldf have guessed? I feel deprived. Thank you for an educational wordle! (If a similar comment appears, it is because I think the universe ate my first attempt.)

  2. Your poem was so beautfiul and timed as well for the remembrance of Kristallnacht - a turning point in the coming Holocaust ... (11-9 and 11-10!) that I did share your poem - of course with proper attribution. It is exquisite :)

  3. I've never heard of a fluoroscope before! With a ribboned future doesn't sound like she needs a fluoroscope for guidance!

  4. Really...x-rayed the foot for shoes? Wow! Very interesting poem, Pearl. And I'm so impressed with all you are doing in November. Go Pearl!

  5. Thank you Sabra - except all that I'm doing doesn't seem to include sleeping tonight - off I go now Happy Sunday :)

  6. The only poem about a fluroscope I've read.

    "Flood" and "soaked," et cetera, made me think of radiation...

  7. Luckily the machines were removed from the shoe shops eventually. I think sun bed are next on the list! There seem to be a few business hell bent in reducing our life span.

  8. Great title! I am sure she will be just fine..the stride comes from within - not from the shoes..

  9. very educational...I had no idea...another layer off my sheltered life...:)

  10. Nicely done Pearl. I can see that little girl standing there, anxious, anticipating her first day. :)

  11. Who knew. Well done, Pearl.


  12. I did not know...well, there is my one thing to learn today. :)

  13. the image of the barefooted miss is so experience rich little miss.......beautiful lines

  14. Some of us remember the procedure. To see our bones on a green background. Every shoe store had to have one!
    You worked this in so well, it all just flowed together.

    1. Thank you Marian - was beginning to think I was only one who knew of this ! Was feeling a bit older than my years - which are old enough - but not ancient :)

  15. I've heard of these, this was a fascinating read. thank you!

  16. Nothing better than to learn something new while reading. Thanks Pearl,


  17. Well done and thank heavens fluoroscopes are no longer used!

  18. Cleverly conceived and educational too!
    Anna :o]

  19. 'delicate buckle with which to daintily dip her toe into the
    lake of the future' ~ nice, ~ never heard...thanks for new word x

  20. Wow! This is incredible, Dr. P., the whole idea of the poem, and the imagery it contained.

  21. funny how soft our footprint treads along the hiways... I loved your post....who knew.,,, nowadays it's our next pair of ten inch heels...