Saturday, November 16, 2013

Silky Talk (a Kaitlin poem)


Silky Talk 
(a Kaitlin poem) 

"Come let's race"

He talked "silky"

tall words lanky like
the new colt in the barn
"Come let's race"
and because she was
four and he was no
stranger, just a little
whiskey grandpa breath
she ran with him
barefoot across the
wet grass to the waving
marsh- there in the reeds
his pants dropped in a puddle
pain bloomed blood in her mouth
and there in the isolate murky marsh
a razor flashed honed steel bright
her last four year old befuddled sight
as scythe sliced the finish line ribbon


  1. OMG Hope this poem gets a wider audience someday. I'm misty eyed.

  2. Yes this was like a horror story carefully built up in so few lines..haunting..

  3. Chilling. It starts with such innocence. It also feels very real. Well wordled.

  4. What you have created is a scene that any child might embrace and pay the penalty for. We cannot emphasis enough the danger not only of strangers but those that are near and dear too.

  5. well now...that will put you in a happy mood...a horrid subject done well

    1. hahaha - imagine how I feel having taken on a third version of this subject in yet another novel-in-progress - thanks for stopping and thanks for the laugh - I needed that... pushing through yet another NaNo :)