Tuesday, November 19, 2013

PAD - Day 18 -Love and Anti/Love Poem


Infant Dawnings Bright and Blank
In the rising dawn
Sparkled light in
their sleepy hair
She lifts the babe
high in the air
twirling in magic mystic light
All is peaceful
All is right
Brings him down lies
on duvet plump and feather-white
holds him close and melts together dear
velvet skin-to-skin suckling snuggles here
In a house not too far from here
infant red faced frightened screams
Mother turns her face to the wall
Birth control on this fifth failed
It seems
She pulls a pillow about her exhausted ear
As a calloused foot pushes at her rear
“Get up and get that brat out of here”
Another gray tided day rolls in and soaks her through
Irrevocably beginning urine acrid pullings, whirling chaos
Her apparent due
Stumbles to the crib falls back to the couch
Tumbled blankets there askew
Wretched creature mouth agape searching to devour
Best hoped for peace and blankness for this day, at least for another hour


  1. Such a contrast. Wonderful writing about the reality of some women's motherhood experience. So sad when it's not a joy.

    1. Aww thank you Evi --- yes can span one end of the continuum of emotion to the other ... so sad when it is not a joy - (can only imagine with a heavy heart).