Friday, November 15, 2013

PAD - DAY 15 - Two "What" _______ poems


What “Daisy” Knew

she watched them
In the dining room
light spreading cross
still frozen faces
she watched him
the paper crack-snap open
as mother tap tapped on her egg shell
tiptoeing through her paces in
all that marmeladed shimmered light

knew in her tiny bones
love between them faded
and all had finally gone to hell -
soon the heat would thaw the
silent sentinel, the scythe would
fall and commence the
final to-the-finish-fight

for this moment
she could sit in her chair-between
feel the sun warm and sweet
shining warm and pure through her
tendriled tousled sleep-tossed hair
soak in their joined breath
and forget in each sweet-small-morseled- bite
of toast, and jam and honeyed-tea
all that she knew of the coming fight
she had seen with sparkling
crystal clarity
all that was to be
close her eyes face to
the sun and filter
what she knew was walking-coming
hold them still – all in suns’ sweet smiling face
for just a few moments longer
together -
a family -
her family
together in the folded arms of love’s embrace


What is it all about

As children run through
Streets and fields
Shining without care
In twenties and thirties
Stride with purpose plan
Running quickly there
forties and fifties
pinnacle spans
career, and or
children bloom
sixty hits and there
a moment to pause
and look about the
global room
and ask in seventies
eighties nineties and
as long as one can wonder
where one fits in the shimmered
Jigsaw of it all before
Looking up from under


  1. 'family
    together in the folded arms of love’s embrace' ~ nice, when family stay together through different life challenges....passionate writing! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Two startlingly beautiful poems dear Pearl… both for me are about the power of presence. In the first it is quite clear, in the second it is the missing piece of the jigsaw we sometimes misplace, then discover shimmering, just waiting to be found.

  3. tender and passionate.. beautiful.

  4. How lovely - "all that marmaladed shimmered light" - breakfast scene done to perfection! And I love "where one fits in the shimmered jigsaw of it all". Masterfully done.