Sunday, September 1, 2013

Three for Sunday: 1. Maelstrom, 2. All Heed The Tin Man 3. Pig and the Stinky Hole



In this inky night
a wet whisper wafts
Close this hole
with feathery sparks
of light – scarlet shoots
burst doubt to sway to tumble
Find me home again
all cogs oiled and I stuck no
longer lost in this maelstrom
miscontent born of miscast allegiance
Restore as all was before
this my cry unto this inky night


All Heed The Tin Man 

ah the youthful Tin Man
walks in inky night
holding close wet can of slipping oil
feathery sparks of scarlet light
unnatural fireflies follow in the inky night

ah the youthful Tin Man wanders-lost
in doubt of certain self annihilation
anxious of never again agility ability
scarlet sparks in the inky night
a gathering crowd shoots flames of
promised coming conflagration
following in his sway

ah the Tin Man groans
screeching metal on metal screams
terrified in tempest tossed irrevocable regret
The Hole, The Hole,
the squander, the leak
acknowledging he cannot
still the spill
and all lost
for a careless moment
of sharp tongued play


Pig and the Stinky Hole* 

Once upon a night so inky
came Pig upon hole lit with cheery sparks full and stinky
Looked Pig into the deepest of darks hole

blocked by a feathery face crying bottom up - “Stop! You need a toll.”

“A toll for what?” Called Pig down in doubt.
“A toll to see what down here is all about.”
In that night so black and inky
Pig stood on the edge of that hole so temptingly stinky,
spied down that hole a scarlet shimmered light,
tossed doubt away and thought he just might
pay the toll and squiggle down and around
into that delectable stinky hole in the sweet green ground.
Perched on precipice of sway – oiled, ready, on his way.
Pig stopped. -  One cloven hoof poised, not yet lost
Retreated and asked “What is the cost?”
And in a night so inky and so now sweetly dark
Disappeared each single and collective spark
Leaving Pig to sigh and wipe cheeks wet
With relief for the deceptive demons gone unmet  

*for the child in all


  1. I have no clue what you are talking about but I really like the sounds of the words you've weaved together. I especially like the words "inky night."

  2. Will it help if there is a title change to "Betrayal?" I thought that the maelstrom of broken allegiance and the plea for restoration of self to a former order would speak for itself - but perhaps not... Thanks for visiting and I am delighted you enjoyed the words.

  3. I also enjoyed the words & "maelstrom" is something to be avoided if you can. But if you can't, it's good to come through it in one piece!

  4. The inky night, the maelstrom, the angst - you have captured it well.

  5. Nice work, Pearl. A little bit of mystery and leaving things open to individual interpretation is not a bad thing. Your work often tugs at me in a way that is not entirely comfortable. I like work that pulls me in that way. It speaks to the writer's strength. Well done! Using the tin man was brilliant with these words.

  6. Hi Brenda ... Welcome home and as always thanks for the words tossed into the air that fall in all sorts of directions... Yes, I too find that the initial pull is often in an uncomfortable direction - I simply am not certain where these come from .. Delighted you enjoyed the Tin Man... which was a good deal more volitional ...

  7. Really enjoy the way your words work together!

  8. Not an easy one to follow, but some very good imagery and emotive quality. I too, really liked the Tin Man stanzas.


    1. Oh no... These are 3 separate poems using the same Wordle words...

    2. Sorry, my bad. Your repeat, in each one, of the inky night seemed to call for a certain connection between them.


    3. They weren't posted separately - (because they used the same Wordle words) my fault for not initially clarifying...apologies :)

    4. None needed.


  9. Enjoyed the pig story, and reminded me of 'Alice in Wonderland' and lucky pig was saved from temptation!!

    Maelstorm and Tin Man nice too!!

    You are brilliant with three ideas for the same set of words!!

  10. My knowledge of pigs is that they barge in and ignore the toll. He was lucky this time.

  11. Very charmingly nonsensical. I love it. Thank you for sharing:)

  12. My favourite is the last one, followed by the first. Nice writing, Pearl.

  13. The child in me rejoices in "Pig and the Stinky Hole." What fun!

    Two-Word Whirl

  14. I can see that last one as a children's book. Fun!
    I also like that image, "wet whisper wafts." Nice work. I enjoyed reading all three.

  15. Excellent poem, both structure and content.

  16. Brilliance yet again. You plumb the depths.

  17. Whimsical poems...cute and alien in same time to challenges...thanks for sharing!

  18. Oh Stinky Pig, I love you! And also the Tin Man was a good one. Well done. Love them all.

  19. A BRILLIANT trilogy of poems, Pearl. Your way with words is truly outstanding! Thank you for these.