Wednesday, August 28, 2013

August Vision & No more (war)


August Vision

They appear over the hill
Walking in fine clothes
Bare walking feet free in
The pool reflecting
Hundreds of thousands
Ears ring with the sonorous
Timber of soaring hope
They appear from all corners
Towns, hamlets, cities, and
Across that United Nation
Together in that August sunshine
Spilling together as one


No more

there is no rationale
for war when after
blood is cleaned
and rivers run
with salt of tears
enemies meet
in futured years
there is no rationale
for war
to ease the
irk and angst
and outrage
of conflicts arise
find any non lethal
contest and award
a prize as onlookers
spectate in cyberspace
and protect the sacred
flesh of this our joined
human race

Peace and Love
to all for all

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