Wednesday, September 18, 2013

A Trio of Unconnected - Unrelated - Illusion Poems...

dramatic-sky-871284477718aWgT.jpg by vera kratochvil

The Happy Mom

They're yelling again
in the bedroom
words banging into
the kitchen
eddying the milk
in her cornflakes
in the bowl
slammed down
a few minutes
ago by her
mother with
the red eyes
and the bruised
They're yelling again
and the walls echo
as she eats and
swings her feet
against the chair legs
She eats until she
finds the bottom of
the bowl
the house quiet
like it gets
as the bus
comes and she
puts her bowl
in the sink
and leaves
smiling an
closing the door
quietly behind her
and waving to a
phantom mommy
smiling with a kiss
on her lips wishing
her a happy day

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