Sunday, August 25, 2013

Fierce Little Sister

Fierce Little Sister

She was a fierce little sister
No filters over her cupid bows
Standing in the keep of bully's shadow
Shouting "Enough" holding sharded
Pieces of his Christmas train
Appearing at the sound of his cries
A gusting pint-sized superhero
Hands clenched on tiny hips
Shouting away the bitter taste
Of bullied words still choking his throat
She was a fierce little sister, pig tails
Bouncing in fierce indignant protection
Of my flung big brother dignity
As she shouted "Out"
And I sullied in shame flung in the dirt
Rose in amazement and 
watched as go, he did.


  1. I love the fierce little sister in her pigtails and wrath. Adorable!

  2. He realized he had gone too far. She did well then and will go far that is sure.

  3. Oh Pearl, I love this! There is nothing to match little sister indignation and anger...bullies beware.

  4. You just described my little sister!! LOL!