Saturday, April 28, 2012

The Trouble With The Ending Of Another April Challenge

The Trouble With Leaving Another April Challenge
I wrote this poem last year at the end of the April Challenge. It had been a time of extremely intense connections as a poetic community. This year there are many new voices and “The Street” has been bustling sometimes with so many poems that it has been difficult to comment. There has also been a new platform, which I for one, consider as the kindest statement I can make – a “mixed blessing.” Nevertheless, I thought that I would share the poem from last year as a reminder to all of the sense of collective community that so connected us one to the other and to include those who are now new voices to understand how wonderful this community can be… Thank you Robert for another wonderful April… and thank you to all .. the talent has exploded here and I am thrilled to stand in the center watching the sparks shoot like comets across the night sky.
We are not at the end – but we are close – Goodnight to all! :)

Ode To A Street 4-28-2011
Cobblestones pavers
Gentle underfoot sheened
Whispering lyrical loveliness
Through from earliest dawn
All the night through
Someone, somewhere stirs
For a stroll
Under bowers of word petals
Because there is no beginning or end
I honor The Street both teeming and serenely still

After Leaving Here – I Will be There – April 2011
I wrote the other night to all that I could possibly include
knowing somehow that this year this ending April would be a difficult interlude
Wrapped in the moon-silvered and glimmering
The sense of collective community a chorus of one voice
Fragmented and in the street still shimmering
Whispered on the air, drifting in the soft night breeze
The comfort of the Muses rising from each to other singing
Sweet, painful, searing lyrics to each other seizing every soul
Until the street was emptied and all that remained
Were these wispy whispered filaments, shimmering with soft light
As each lingering poet walked ostensibly alone in the darkened lonely night
As the cobble-stones glistened, sole foot-falls rising from the ground
To meet with the others for leaving this place although one bound
Never is actualized, never does occur – once Muses meet and coalesce
Forever vanished, extinguished that existential torment on the street that is a living tapestry
Good night to all …in the knowledge that creativity is a brilliant speck of an incomprehensible vast collective universal oneness…


  1. I missed last year's PAD. Thank you for sharing!

  2. I remember too Pearl - brings tears to my eyes actually; thanks for reposting ...