Sunday, December 11, 2011

Wordle #34 - She Ran

She ran

There at river's edge ran the water clear as crystal glass sparkling crashing rapid as she chiffoned and tear swollen smacked by the whipping elements released her grip on further confabulations of the implacable cruel enigma of  the words - the words rippling in a recurring  spasm of memoried cursed pulsations. Again, and again, and again, at river's edge -his face floating over another's shoulder -  smile smirking at her chat-stopped-bedroom door-gasp " it is not all that rare" laughter falling as gravity grew weightless and the world tilted- She ran barefooted -an earring still ridiculously clutched in one hand - She ran,  through slanting rain to the straight river's edge and stood through darkened night as discarded resolutions fell about her, fallen from her running mind, until inevitably, finally first light fingered the sky and she did not wake - that last sliver of possibility  that she had slept and dreamed ran from her.  There at the river's edge the rain stopped and she, chiffoned gown clinging as second skin to her tempestuous tossed body - she simply released - hope tumbling into that crashing clear as glass rapid of icy river of crystal acknowledgment -  She tumbling weightless in the spacious sentient now, of her irrevocable release of yesterday, pouring herself  into the pulsations of the river, surrendering to the enigma thrumming in each coalesced drop repeating in its way -   " it is all not that rare" - "it is all not that rare " as light flashed the sinking soddened spark of her dishonored ring - a single songbird heedlessly trilled the new day  - soaring weightless above the tumbling running river where she flowed.                


  1. Wow, Pearl, this is amazing stuff. It feels very stream of consciousness in its flow. The miminimal punctuation and running on of words echoes the river coursing through the narrative; you tend to want to read the whole thing with breath held.