Monday, December 5, 2011

Haiku to you - a small stream of consciousness collection

Haiku to you

11 before
she sleeps in 5 7 5
breathing paused at 17


In slanted  sunlight
young man waits in dancing dust
as carousel thunders

Pillows piled crisp high
Hold apricot breaths secret
Last exhalation

Cat on windowsill
Folding boneless in sunlight
Origami breathes


Leaf slips grip from tree
Suicide by seasonal

Chestnut horse stamps breathe
on dead air of frozen fields

under blood cover
infant player screams sliding
into awaiting  home base

koolaid sugared lips
touch, stick, separate
first kiss remembered

scalpel slits tender flesh
exposing rotted fruits growing
ready for harvest

crimson cardinal
lights on frozen pond alone
prizing Spring’s warming

whimpered end of sigh
in the final curtain call
crow caws to darkness

Chrysalis cracking
under weight of butterfly
velvet opening

I am haikued out
still in syllabic sentience
I am haikued out

1 comment:

  1. Some very clever haiku, Pearl Girl. Especially appreciated the pause at 17 and being "haikued out"! The most luscious was the crimson cardinal and the notion of the coming Spring. Thanks, hon! Peace, Amy