Sunday, December 25, 2011

WORDLE #36 Peace on earth for all - within each and all on this spinning marble we all share...

Peace on earth for all -within each and all.. on this spinning marble we all share 

It fascinates me that across a continuum of cultures this is a time when love, light, peace and a sense of the shimmering power of  limitlessness possibility is celebrated -    This week's Wordle offered a few words and from them I offer a simple story of what I believe is the common human inclination for personal and collective peace for all and every across this spinning marble that we all share ... Enjoy:)


Heard there long ago all ye
a story born by heart decree
a quivered tenuous land where all lived lives in shaken, spectred anguished, Afraid
until absent of paraded tidings - Peace - arrived and softly bade
red faced babes now to nuzzle, nestle, smiling  sweet
beasts unburdened in manger slumbered on pain easy hooved feet
shepherds eyes flowed o'er ribboned flocks gathered lands a-grazing
as they in myrrh scented cinnamoned air, pondered all,  raised eyes starlit gazing
Thus a blanket of unadulterated joy floated mantling the shoulders of the land Afraid
Covering each cowered crevice of the chilled night to the dusken-gold-fingered- dawn
deep, clear, untroubled breaths joined from all,  as though an actual angel had upon them borne
banished away each fear, anguish, anxiety, animus, liquefied, as though never had been before
evaporated in the sun's rising light as each whispered in their way, "Ever will be more"
whispered all in newborn collective, calm, cooperatively, coalesced full-hearted, enthusiastic haste
each and all agreed, not one more second of sacred life, be squandered by foolish fearful waste
Heard long ago ye now listening here
the story of how natural Peace on earth triumphed over galloped fantasied fear
In the land we know still, not-as-Afraid, but as ever-flowing-milk-and-honeyed, Serenity
Cradled safe-still within the embracing willed wing of enfolded, accepted, enacted, destiny


  1. Pearl, this is a beautiful expression of peace on a day when peace should be the main topic!

  2. I love the flow of this piece, Pearl - like a river bringing joy and peace to the reader's heart. Have a blessed Christmas, my friend.

  3. Pearl, Oh how I wish your poem could come true everywhere for everyone, NOW.

  4. Oh thanks Viv - I think that if we focus on similarities of humanity ... well who among us really does know what is possible? :)