Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Six Separate Thoughts On Magic

Fairy wing  brushes  her neck as  unicorned hooves tremble the
soft sponged earth lit clear drenched in luminous shimmer of moon-day 
breathed syllables float soft as showered chestnut blossoms settling in poem
messages from Everland....

He stands as the world spins around him
blurring colors in melted sounds all heard
clear and distinct. - loudest the small voice
pierces core of innermost ear...raw with
mumbled jumbling one singular word  
He stands as the world spins around him
flinging coupled notes into sonataed crescendo
as a jug head one minces  "Retard" in C Major"
He spins ...
Now you see it 
Now you don't 
Said Uncle Hymie
Pulling endless coins
From my ears
While Aunt yelled 

He conjured The Magician Set 
a wand, a long black swirly cape
one silk top hat, glitter in a glass jar   
The box materialized  there under  
new sock stacks. red Santa pajamas
A dented box - one end taped 
Torn open to reveal   
The wand -  drooped 
plastic cape unswirlable stiff
Glitter gone 

Give me your cackling crone and mumbly spell
Kneel down to a hope drained child - watch eyes light and well 
Transformed as you simply say " it will be better I can tell"
Make something happen go further still
Become the magic itself - as moon follows sun you will


Four-year-old-raped murdered Kaitlin
rises from her shallow fifteen-year grave
and tenderly brushes the dirt from her high arched foot
with graceful nineteen- year- old manicured fingers



  1. The act of kneeling down to a child who has lost hope, as you said, "become the magic itself." This is a lovely, nurturing thought.

    Also, the last piece about Kaitlin, rising from her grave to reclaim what by all rights should have been hers - the right to be a young adult. That last was a stunner! Peace, Amy

  2. Thanks Amy - for taking the time to comment so specifically :) Enjoyed your enjoyment and moved by your words about kneeling to a child without hope and for Kaitlin claiming her right to be a young adult - lovely thoughts. :)