Thursday, December 29, 2011



fourteen years
they sat on the
same couch
in their sagging
dreams -ubiquitous
feathered hope flying
specked in the distant
fourteen years
they sat over
tea, coffee
that occasional
shimmered goblet
of swirled wine
waiting, watching
with waning expectation
the tested flat-lined
In the early days
she would tango to him
stick held high
laughing falling
on him when
the couch and they
were new and hope-
filled cradling each
now fourteen years
later they sit on
the same -now sagged
nearly flattened couch
and the stick nods
as they blink
heart poundingly
staring at the proof
of their fresh start
they stare, blink,
tango madly across
the room and back again
ready, so profoundly
ready to begin


  1. This is excellent. I expected a sad ending but instead, oh joy, new beginnings! 'the tested flat-line stick' oh what grief to those who want more...Life's mystery...(my daughters friend is having an abortion next week)She is 19.

  2. ah - I remember those days - I went a long time thinking I didn't want kids, then a long time waiting to get pregnant - finally had the experience you describe in your poem - nice job as always ...