Saturday, July 3, 2010

Just a Few…Confined Yet Freed Anew

In gables green and friendship’s lark
in a house dreary bleak and dark
In the hay where lived both mice and men
And fields of rye where catchers walk again
Under wheels of love thrown bodies jilted
In drawing rooms titters and proud chin tilted
As a mockingbird sings and justice nearly wilted
In sisters three eating strawberries and cream
In an odyssey of homeward made dream
The tiniest sound heard of a who
Tales of pilgrims passage through
floating girl in pained prince land
manic mother washing hand
magic practical and not
cats in cradles musing high
loving, living, dying, cry
from a bed, a couch, a grassy knoll
howling dogs shot, to plush coated call
Wild not only Oscar
All the others scattered flowing too
Thousands more than just a few
Loving, living, dying, crying,welling
Laughing, sexing, showing
In Capricorn tropics
And Hundred Dollar “Misunderstood”
fannie hall and all she could
succulent, shocking, laughing,
set in countries, soaked in seasons
Pouring, soaring, roaring through
Unknown, revealed reasons
trees grow in Brooklyn
bond blondes beds anew
and through it all
and all it through
the thousands
in minions dear
changed by perception’s
march in year
confined in space
yet soaring through
each child eye grown
each adult eye blown
teasing one with how can it
be that those stuck in
the leaves of books
can blow so free

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