Wednesday, July 14, 2010

After The Rain - The Grand Unfold

In the songed country of Spain
having fallen mainly on plain
In the emancipated motherly shout
"All Right! Now you can go out!"
At the end of a reigning homonym
beginning a new regime-a min
In the dark soft loam coldly wet
slippery plumped pink worms get
In that first sky crack of light
sun shivered slivers bright
In the chill denied cool
the first dive into a pool
Or on a derippled lake
Flat surface re-take
As a child freed from cloistered room
As adult out from psyche's gloom
Each petal and leaf shimmered clean
On to chrome gleaming anywhere seen
Air fresh bouncing nitrogen bold
That is the high I've been told
Along with barometric pressure rise
raising up to sparkle eyes
In the rebirth of life
in the grand infinite unfold
this dancing droplet of after-the-rain tale told

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