Saturday, July 3, 2010

Beyond the Bonds

Within this mass of muscle
boundless leaps in endless space
Past this blood bathed breath
effortless being in endless space
Behind this corneal, optical illusion
Luminous clarity sparkling in endless space
Held in this skin of flesh stretched bone
Ephemeral lucid weightlessness in endless space
Apart from this ingestive, digestive, excretive, imperative
Needlessness in that endless space
Beyond this body tied with muscle, filled with
blood, framed in bone under skin stretched tight
Beyond this body needing, needing, needing
air, food, water, anchored in gravitas gravity
marching alone from inception to destruction
Within some hidden crevice
a glistened glimmer holds
darkness conflagrates, dissolves, to
burst, bounding,
leaping, limitless,
ephemeral, effortless,
lucid, luminous,
clear, clarified,
slipped from confinement
beyond the bonds
released into ever
exquisite, infinite
endless space

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