Saturday, July 3, 2010

The Itch

The look
The glance
The chance
To scratch the itch
Tis quite the bitch
This marriage vow
That forbids
Any ever future unfamiliar WOW

That locks as chastely
As a belt tight lock
Behavior that would hurt
And shock

So gather up all wanton wild
Tie back your hair
Keep speech measured mild
And if frustration then is piled
This is but the price prepaid
In a time of impulsive leap
Marriage undefiled to keep

Like a child with a fresh mosquito bite
Forego the delicious scratch delight
The scratch that would seem to untie free
But instead trap and leave a scar to be

Don't look
Don't touch
Don't even think

If this seems impossible
Then for you an itchy one
Marriage will but surely stink

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