Saturday, July 3, 2010

The Daisy

As a child I dreamt a dream one night
I dreamt a field of green
of grass sweet scented, children's
calls close and sweetly keen

As I child I dreamt a dream one night
Relaxed in sleep in a field of green
as sweet scented children's voices
played unseen

As a child I dreamt this dream one night
Hands unfolded brow untight
Relaxed in sleep deep in safe free smile
Breathing evenly all the while

As children played on grass so green
Suddenly coming near, becoming seen
I moved to move, but something was not quite right
Not quite right
As a child in that dream on that one night

Struggled to move, looked down to see
that I was but a lone daisy
The children coming huge foot pounding near
I could not move from here to there

As I laid in that sweated sleep
Heart in my chest pounding would not keep
Panicked tried to move from them
Looked down my length - To see a stem

As a child I dreamt a dream one night
When I that sentient daisy was held helpless rooted tight

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