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Thursday, August 1, 2013

Graphic Family Film Night

Light In The Dark by emma ivanova

Graphic Family Film Night 

Sitting in the dark around the dining room table.  The family, including "Mother," eighty-six-years-"young,"she would insist, if she spoke such a number, matriarch.  She, silver sprayed salon done hair sparkling in the flicker from the movie on the TV.  A shower scene.  A beautiful blonde, perhaps Sharon Stone, or some such type. Sounded moans flitting through the air as strategic jets hit pseudo acted- sweet spots.  Sitting in the dark around the dining room table.  Mother speaks: "What is she doing?" and her women-folk, young and older, silently sigh, all both grateful for the dark and unspeakably steeped in sorrow for her loss, as we pass the popcorn.