Sunday, July 28, 2013

Encore after the final curtain -

Beautiful Sunshine by MALIZ ONG

Encore after the final curtain*

Into the tiny sparkled city of Wove
One former resident drove
Her face had been scarce
In recent years past
She gripped the wheel hard 
As she drove
This former resident of the
Sparkling city of Wove
Revisited her last rooted strength
As she drove
Felt tired, sad cells, at last
Stir, surge and split 
Happy and fast
As sparkles danced down
To her gas pedaling toes
This former resident of Wove
stopped roadside 
and watched crows soar 
into a slice of blue sky 
As she let go and dove 
Into her rain sopping heart
Found a sunshining grin
A new start within her
home place to begin
In that tiny be-sparkled
city she wove 

* for those who are pulled down by sad poems on Sundays....


  1. Thanks for the smiles and sad poems are not bad poems. They reflect human reality and is that not what we poets are all about? We wouldn't know or really appreciate gladness without the comparison.


    1. Dear Elizabeth - I agree with your statement - there are some dear folks who are often upset by my Sunday offerings and so I try to throw in a little silliness from time to time.

  2. Determination and resolve to start over so beautifully put.

    1. Oh Oldegg ... so very sweet - deeply appreciate your comment :)

  3. absolutely; this made be smile

    much love...

    1. Thank you , thank you, thank you. I am thrilled that I made you smile :)

  4. Delightful! Stopping roadside to watch the crows! Beautiful sunshining grin!!

    1. Thank you for stopping and taking the time to comment too:)

  5. I love the gentle rhymes running through your work. Trouble with your Sunday poems? Not from me. I like the dark pieces you pen. Depth, my friend. That's where you take us. A little light-hearted romp is fun, too.

    Mine's a dark one this week. Three Crows

  6. I wonder how many of us have the strength to weave new cities within ourselves.

    An Acrostic Whirl

  7. Replies
    1. Awww thank you De - I wrote it quickly as an antidote to a dark poem I wrote inspired by this week's wordle words - sometimes the dark ones upset people on a Sunday so I try to follow up with something lighter. Delighted you enjoyed :)